Owen Hopkins is a freshman band prodigy

Leyla Ilyazova, Reporter

DIVERSITY is an area of strength here at Granger. Not only do our students show demographic diversity, they also display a diverse range of talents and skills. Owen Hopkins (9) has is a Lancer with many musical skills. Hopkins managed to awe his teachers and peers by learning to play over ten different instruments in a span of two years. “I have a lot to say about Owen, he’s impressed a lot of us,” Sydney Anderson (9) said. 

“I play a lot of percussion, but if I were to pick an instrument I’d definitely say the guitar is my favorite,” Hopkins said. Hopkins plays music with his older brother, who is also a big fan of the guitar. “We’ve been playing for about two years,” Hopkins said. 

Involving oneself in a high school band may help lead one toward a future career, whether it is music related or not. It helps with coordination both mentally and physically, and it overall improves the attitude of a student towards school. “Band reinforces the skills of cooperation which are among the qualities now most highly valued in business and industry, especially in high-tech contexts,” according to PopeBand.com.

“I can definitely see my future involving music. It just seems like that pathway has always naturally been meant for my future, ” Hopkins said.

Lancers who excel in music may seem to think that no one may notice, but, in most cases that is not what is happening. “Owen, he really is great in band and it doesn’t make him act all arrogant. He’s a funny, kind, and just an overall great friend. When it comes to school he is really hard working and shows dedication to what he is working on,” Tate Cope (9) said.

Owen has not only showed leadership in band but also stands as a person to look up to for many other freshman in his band class. “He is really talented in all the instruments he plays, he’s also just a great person to be around. He deserves to be proud for all he has been able to accomplish and overall become,” Anderson said. He is looked at very highly by his peers and manages to be a good role model and friend.

Lancers like Owen manage to create an incredibly positive atmosphere here at school. Granger has a large amount of future role models and leaders. “The education I’ve gotten here I don’t think I could have gotten anywhere else,” Cope said.

Granger offers a vast number of classes, clubs, bands and sports that you wouldn’t be able to find in any other schools. Taking advantage and finding your passions will lead to easy improvement in school and help with narrowing down future career choices.