Alison Jackson plans for college

Alizza Beltran, Reporter

DURING high school, students have to think about their future, and when most students think about their future, they tend to think about college. Then, when they think about college they think about scholarships, student loans, where they want to go, and what they want to major in. High school students understand that it takes a lot of hard work to get scholarships. 

Alison Jackson (12) is a senior and a very hard working Lancer, and college is on her mind. She’s a GTI student, an AP student, and takes CE classes. She manages to try and keep her grades consistent and high. Alison typically strives to get ‘B’s’ and better, with her lowest grade being a ‘B-’. Alison is a hard-working GTI and AP student. She manages to get her work done in class, and she also holds a job outside of school. She makes good money, and still manages to be on time, and have all of her grades stay above a ‘B’. She really exemplifies what hard work really is. In addition to school and work, Jackson is also involved in debate.  

Jackson likes to keep herself busy, keep a positive mind, and a positive attitude about the future. She likes to be independent and loves to have fun. “I was laughing with my friends really hard, and it kind of made me miss the feeling of having fun. So don’t forget to have your fun in high school while it lasts,” Jackson said.

Alison doesn’t forget to have fun, although sometimes it can be hard to keep up with all of life’s demands. 

For Jackson, college is very important to her. While high school is preparing you to take your next steps, college is what takes your career to the next level. However, not a lot of people are prepared to go to college. In fact, some take a whole year as a break before heading to college. When people take a break, it’s usually to save up money and make a plan. Many students try to figure out what their major is going to be and where they’d like to go to school. Another factor students have to consider is whether they want to stay close to home or go out of state for college. 

College is important to start off the career you want to be in. Many people find a major they want to do on the first try, while other students change their major once or twice. It takes time to figure out what one wants to study and do with their lives. Jackson already has a major in mind and is very excited about the prospect of starting college after she graduates this May.