Sluffing affects CPA and disrupts learning

Jaxon Wolfley, Reporter

LANCERS in the Granger School Hallways are no strangers to the term “sluffing.” Sluffing is a term that is used when a student does not go to class. Leaving during the middle of a period is also considered sluffing. “I only sluff class when it’s a day before break or something like that. But I only do when I have my parents’ permission,” Cooper Olsen (9) said.

When a student sluffs class, their attendance record is shown that they did not show up for class. This absence can be excused from a parent coming into the school, or talking to an administrator over the phone about why their study was not in class. “I once had a kid call me trying to tell me that his family was going on vacation for a few weeks. He tried to make his voice deeper, and it didn’t work,” Mr. Beck said.

Several Lancers often use Granger High’s seminary building as an escape from getting caught. This building is pretty far away from the school, and most teachers and administrators do not go near it. On December 20, 2019, many students sluffed class and went to the seminary building. Brother Johnson, a teacher at the seminary building, even had started to greet sluffing students as they walked in with candy and a healthy “good morning.”

Many schools have had the opportunity to participate in a national school walkout. This is when schools allow their students to leave class in a certain time period. A walkout is only allowed when the administration watches the students with a close eye. A particularly important National School Walk Out occurred on March 14th, 2018. It was for the school shooting that happened at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The walkout only happened for 17 minutes. Each minute was to honor every victim of the shooting. This is one of the only ways students were allowed to leave class. While not necessarily considered sluffing, many students had walked home while outside school doors, and administrators had not stopped them.

Many students get nervous when they skip class, as they are fearful that something important may happen in their class while they are gone. Some students decide to skip, though, when they already have a bad grade in the class, or simply because they don’t enjoy the class. No student should sluff, though, because it can ruin grades and a student’s CPA. Overall, it is not worth ruining your school work just to skip class for an hour and a half.