Heard in the halls


Grace Glines, Reporter

“IT WAS literally the hardest test I’ve ever taken.”

“I thought you lived with your dad?”

“He started to vomit, and then he started laughing!”

“We were not doing what we were supposed to in class.”

“I forgot to fold my dishes and clean the laundry!”

“Someone thought I was pregnant, but I’m just fat.”

“The songs they play before class make me want to drop out.”

“I’m going to buy all the G-Store noodles.”

“Do you wanna go to A-Fresh for lunch? They have chicken.”

“I would get pizza but my feet hurt.”

“Also, I don’t shower.”

“I legit forgot my backpack at home.”

“He’s single again, this is your chance!”

“I heard she don’t care if you cheat on your test.”

“I only got like 3 hours of sleep ‘cause I was watching Netflix.”

“Yeah, it’s like an addiction. One episode after the next.”

“Give me some of that salad or whatever it is right now.”

“Rock, paper, scissors for who pays?”

“I’m gonna go jump off a bridge.”

“I wanna cry but I don’t wanna mess up my makeup!”

“I need to walk my fish.”