Tutoring for Latinos in Action gives Jaqueline confidence


Students in Latinos in Action tutor several grades at local elementary schools. This helps LIA members improve their patience, confidence, and communication.

Maritza Tolentino, Reporter

HERE AT Granger High School, there is this class named Latinos In Action (LIA) that is offered to anyone who wants to take it. LIA is more than just a class to many Lancers, many consider it to be a family. This class has helped many Lancers and will continue to make a positive impact. One thing LIA students do is go to local elementary schools to tutor younger students. 

“Being a Latinos in Action tutor has taught me patience,” Jacqueline De La Cruz (12) said. De La Cruz enjoys being in this class and going to the elementary schools to help the students. Teaching students of all ages from kindergarten to 6th grade is not easy. Learning to be patient is a big role they take on. 

Communication is another skill students gain from tutoring. This skill is one of the most important things to have when going through life and being involved in many different things. Being able to teach students specific material, going over assignments, and translating to other languages can be challenging to do if students do not have patience or communication skills. Not only that, but LIA students have to try their best to go at the younger student’s pace. Over all, LIA tutors must learn how to adapt to many different situations. 

Overall, LIA is beneficial for students not just because of the skill development, but it also helps students with getting into and paying for college. LIA gives students the opportunity to earn scholarships and participate in activities or events to do community service. Working together can help benefit how you interact with others. It can help you become more personable. 

“I became more confident because I tutor something I already know and am good at,” De La Cruz said. This class has helped De La Cruz to be good with students and her peers, and her advisor has seen this in her.

“Jacky is one of the best tutors I have,” Mr. Eden said. Every student in the LIA class is a tutor and he has seen so much growth in De La Cruz. “She got so much more confident since she started tutoring, she learned so much more and has grown so much,” Mr. Eden said. Not only has she shown growth, but De La Cruz is always looking for ways to help others and be a leader. De La Cruz is seen as a helpful student who cares for others before herself and is willing to be there and support everyone. 

“Jacky is a very good tutor here in our LIA program, she is very confident in what she is doing and is one of the best” Emily Munoz (12) said. Munoz mentioned that De La Cruz is very friendly and has the patience to help out the students even if it is hard for them to understand at times. De La Cruz is a leader for many of the students in LIA, she is very organized and knows what she is doing. Most would say they look up to her. 

De La Cruz would advise any incoming freshman or anyone thinking of joining the class to do it. It is a great opportunity to learn and grow. This class can help students see what they like and do not like, and it helps them build skills to help them in their futures. Being in the class will get you closer to other students that you could eventually call your family. This class teaches students how to better manage their time and be more organized. De La Cruz loves being a part of Latinos in Action and highly recommends it to other students.