Jobs can teach responsibility

Branden Alvarado , Reporter

HIGH SCHOOL students getting jobs is a common topic that is brought up, and many people wonder if it is a bad idea and if it will negatively impact a student’s performance in school. According to the website, teens should get jobs because of the experience they gain behind it. “Students who are able to work during their high school and college years are able to demonstrate this experience and build valuable entries on their resume. This experience also demonstrates that they are able to successfully balance work and education at the same time,” as stated on the website.

Students get jobs for many reasons such as wanting their own cash, to gain independence, to further their experience, or to start making a living. This is not a bad thing, because as high schoolers grow up, a good thing to start doing is getting a taste of the world outside of school. It is good to gain experience applying for a job, talking to complete strangers outside of class, and learning the value of money.

“It’s very important to start working while you’re a teen, it builds your work ethic and grows your responsibility, so it helps you mature and gain experience,” Stephanie Durfey (12) said.

“I work to be able to afford my car, and I work to be able to take out my boyfriend,” Durfey said. Teens learn to value money when they don’t have it and spend it more wisely once they do. From experience to responsibilities, the list of advantages of a student working keeps going.

Some might wonder what the best is for a teen to start working. There is no specific answer, because every teen works and learns differently. Sometimes it can be hard to be a student and have a job on the side, it can be hard to do both school and work at once. “I don’t think freshmen should have jobs, I believe they are still too young to be able to juggle an education and a job at the same time,” Durfey said.

Parents know how expensive a teen can be. Allowing them to get a job can help them learn the value of money and hard work. This can lead to teens making better financial choices. “Once a teen begins earning money and paying for her own things, she’ll realize the amount of time and effort she has to devote to her job in order to earn enough to cover the bills. This scenario builds an appreciation for the value of money and encourages responsible money management,” as stated on the website.

“’I got fired two weeks ago from my job and now I have to find another job to be able to pay my bills and subscriptions I have,” Bryan Rodriguez (12) said.

“I think all teens of all ages should be allowed to work and get a little extra cash in their pockets,” Rodriguez said. These two working students have different views regarding when the best time to start working is. The more work experiences a teen has, the better their work ethic, responsibility, and maturity are. However, having a job isn’t always the best option for some students.