Swim team is more than a playful class

Pedro Melendez, Reporter

SWIMMING became a sport in 1896, and in the olympics they competed in the 100 meter and 150 meter freestyle. Swimming class is a class that takes up a lot of energy, but can be very fun if a student is really into it. Students tend to take the class because it feels more as an activity than an actual class.

“I feel like the swim class is a very challenging class, it doesn’t only have a purpose of showing you new skills on how to swim but also how to time manage and challenge yourself to difficult things. It trains you not to give up,” Citlali Diaz (11) said.

Being a part of a sport at school really does teach students how to manage their time better and shows them that giving up is never the right thing to do. “I do enjoy swimming, and I enjoy the vibe it gives me after practice and the excitement when winning,” Diaz said. 

Many students believe that swimming is just a fun class where you could swim for the whole period and just mess around. “Swim focuses on proper technique not just swimming back and forth. You have to know when to kick with every stroke and when to breathe. We also focus on how long a swimmer can swim and how to manage long distance. We have to learn the proper technique on how high our elbows should go and how far on the water they should go,” Diaz said. 

According to an article on the AlabamaWritingTutor.com website, swimming is considered to be one of the hardest and most challenging sports. Swimming is one of the few sports that train year round, as swimming athletes always need to be in sharp shape if they do not want to lose strength and speed. 

“I think swimming class can be a challenge, but it’s a challenge that you can enjoy and have fun with,” Cassandra Diaz (10) said, “I enjoy the challenges the class comes with because it’s something that I like taking on.”