Lancers see a future in makeup


Harley Zissi wants Lancers to follow her makeup account on Instagram at her @harley.muaa handle.

Kara Givens, Reporter

GRANGER High School’s makeup artists are talented but very unrecognized. Although just in high school, these girls are ready to take the next step with their makeup. Some of these steps include investing in a YouTube channel, taking cosmetic classes at Salt Lake Community College, and even making their own makeup products.

Granger is home to many experienced makeup artists. “I’ve been doing makeup since I was 15, so about three years now,” Angelica Vasquez (12) said. From her years of doing makeup, she has done many looks and improves her skills every day. For example, she has this beautiful rainbow look, done with a James Charles palette.

Makeup has come a long way since the 1920s, when it was just becoming popular. Back then, makeup was just seen as a way to enhance beauty. Today, makeup is a very realistic career destination for many people. “I’m going to start taking college classes at SLCC, and I’m looking into making my own lip gloss,” Harley Zissi (10) said.

Pursuing a career in makeup may be tough, but for Zissi, she has her grandmother to look up to. From her many inspirations, her grandmother is her biggest motivator. Because she works in the cosmetology business, Zissi feels inclined to want to be like her. Even though she fits into the role of an idol for Zissi, she says that her vanity was the biggest inspiration. “I shaved my head and started doing makeup because I didn’t want people to focus on that,” Zissi said.

Even though cosmetology jobs are being popularized over other job areas, some makeup artists at Granger don’t see themselves doing makeup full time in their futures. “I’ve been doing makeup for quinceaneras and weddings, and I have thought about going to school for it. I’m not so sure, though,” Amairany Maldonado (12) said. Being one of her childhood interests, Maldonado has always been into makeup. Although she’s done it for almost four years now, she can’t decide if she wants to be in the cosmetology industry in her future.

There are many challenges faced by makeup artists. A few of these challenges include not meeting the client’s expectations, having to always be presentable, and enduring the hate. Hate is a motivator for some, and can actually shut other people down. According to “Haters Gonna Hate: 10 Ways to Use Haters As Fuel for Success,” by John Rampton, using the criticism of others is a good way to correct oneself.

Another challenge faced by makeup artists includes the fact that they have to be creative and original. In recreating looks, unique touches may be added by the artist. Whilst adding those special touches, the recreated look can be transformed into a whole new look and can be profited on in the long run.

Creativity is a big factor in the makeup business, and many girls are not ready for that type of time consuming commitment. Granger’s makeup artists, however, are ready for their exposure. Exposure for these artists can be many things. Following them on Instagram, subscribing to them on YouTube, or even just acknowledging that they are very talented can help these artists’ following grow.

Although many Lancers are interested in makeup, some are not. “Makeup is overrated. I saw my wife without makeup and I didn’t recognize her,” Mr. Schafer said. Makeup is used to enhance beauty, but Schafer states that his wife is also pretty without it. The only limitations students face would be the fact that the administration restricts certain looks on Halloween.