Granger grads have advice


Destiny Linan, Reporter

EMIlY FLORES (‘18) is a Lancer that graduated back in 2018. Flores said in this school, she learned lots of fun things like how to be more social and how to be a better person when she gets older. “Granger helped me with being brave and made me more motivated to do things,” Flores said. 

Now that she’s in college, Flories isn’t so shy and takes more risks when it comes to school. She actually joined a program that is based in the military, and they are helping her pay for her schooling. The program can also give her a scholarship that will pay for two or more years in school, and her main goal is to get that scholarship. “School can be hard, but trying new things and looking for help it can be so good because you just don’t get help, but also you gain a lot of information you don’t know about,” Flores said.

Flores also has had an experience of living by herself and also working to help provide for her younger sister who also lives with her. Just being two students who go to school and work is hard for them both, but especially for Emily because she’s the older one. Being older means that she is able to do a lot more things because of her age, as she’s also an adult now. “It ain’t easy going to school, but I have to make money to provide things for myself and also for my sister,” Flores said.

“School is very fun and ever since I have left high school, college is stressful but very fun because everyone’s older and knows what they’re doing. A lot of them just really attend the school to get their schooling done and that’s what I like about it. Everyone just goes and are really forward on going to school and really no one gets into your way. Just you have to push yourself on your work and be responsible on the things you do and the assignments. In my own opinion, everyone should at least attend a college–it’s fun,” Flores said.

Suliana Cardenas (‘15) is a graduated student from Granger High since 2015. “I miss going to Granger and being a student there because it was so much fun and teachers would look after you and paid good attention to us,” Cardenas said.

“It’s a challenge being an adult, because now it’s about being a grown up and doing lots of things especially now start providing for my family, work, pay bills, and pay for school. I just think when we are young and we have school we should enjoy it and actually have fun, but also be smart about the things we do because being young ain’t going to be here forever. Because after high school, you’re literally entered the adult world,” Cardenas said.

Suliana has commented that paying for school is difficult, and maintaining a family can make that even more difficult. Cardenas would want to advise the kids at Granger that think about school first before making a family, or just to be smart about the things they do and be responsible. Because working, going to school, and having a family is hard because you have to make time for each thing. Cardenas said that this would make it so that a student would have full hands that can make them over stress about everything they do. “Think about yourself and find yourself when you’re done with what you want to do, then do whatever you want. Just have fun while you are a teenager,” Cardenas said.