Girls basketball is fired up


Rose is excited about the new players, and she can’t wait to meet them.

Christian Rocha, Reporter

THERE is no doubt that this year’s girls basketball team will be an excellent team. Although tryouts are not for another couple of weeks, there have been some very talented girls going to open gyms. This year’s coach for the girls basketball team at Granger High School will continue to be Mrs. Smith.

If students are thinking about trying out for the team, Mrs. Smith has a piece of advice: “the students that we are particularly interested in are the students should have great work ethic, good attitude, and coachibility. We do not want nor need students who believe they know everything and who do not want to learn.” 

This is a great mindset to have when trying out. Coaches do not like to take in students who act like they know it all. The students who try to undermine their coaches may cause problems on the team and make it more difficult for the team to work together. Freshmen are the most sought-after players for many different reasons.

One of the reasons is that they can build a long and strong bond with the coaches. In addition, freshmen tend to have a bigger urge to learn new techniques and make new friends than their older teammates. The girls basketball team is hoping for a large amount of freshmen to try out for this year’s team. 

“Freshmen are one of the best classes to work with. We love make good relationships that will last the rest of their highschool careers,” Mrs. Smith said. The basketball coaches are excited to have great point guards, better offense, and due to the new students, they will be able to run different sets this season. 

Rose Nguyen (12) has always had an interest in basketball. She is a senior here at Granger, and has been on the girls basketball team once already. “ I am excited to try out for this years basketball team. There are lots of new girls who are trying out and I can’t wait to meet them,” Nguyen said.

Being on the girls basketball team is anything but easy, though. Ngueyen expressed how it may be difficult keeping up with practices, trusting teammates, and learning new routines. However, this should not stop anyone from trying out this year. 

Nguyen isn’t doing it for career later on in life. “I’m mainly doing just for fun. Basketball is a way for me to escape my problems, at least for a moment. It never seems to fail to cheer me up.” Nguyen said. Nguyen and her coaches are excited to see what this season will bring for the girls basketball team.