Relationships can be crazy

Pedro Melendez, Reporter

RELATIONSHIPS in high school tend to be dramatic and intense. This is because people tend to love others besides themselves, and insecurities play a big part in high school relationships. The idea of loyalty, respect, and happiness can cause things to get super complicated.

Some guys or girls in relationships do not have the courage to leave the person they are with because they are afraid of being alone, so they accept poor treatment. Certain people want specific things that other people just can’t give at this age such as time, attention, and materialistic things. As people get older, things get harder. People start to get jobs and start to get their lives on track. There are times when people cannot give someone else their full energy.

“I think cheating is dumb, because why are you making someone believe that you like them while being with someone else who you actually like? You should just be honest with the other person and tell them that you don’t like him/her instead of them later finding out the truth because that will just hurt them more. You should just commit to one person and be happy with him/her because it is the greatest feeling,” Luis Torres (12) said. 

However, Torres recognizes the struggle of managing his time with after school activities and his significant other. “We don’t always get to spend time together because both of us work and have different after school activities but everytime we do get the chance to see each other we try to make it as fun as possible and before the day ends we look at each other’s schedules and figure out a day where we can hang out,” Torres said.

“I don’t think people should depend on the other person for happiness because everytime you guys argue you won’t feel good if you guys aren’t on good terms. Personally, I don’t depend on my significant other because there are a million things I can do to make me happy because I feel they shouldn’t have control over my emotions,” Torres said.

“I do feel like some people shouldn’t be in high school relationships because they could take your focus off school and start distracting you from important things so for some it could be really stressful having to worry about school, grades, and the person they are in a relationship with,” Torres said.

“I think high school relationships are useless because they do nothing but distract you from getting things done. Yeah it brings happiness but it also brings stress that you don’t want or need. I think you should finish school and after school activities before you got out and try to be with somebody. You should get your priorities done first because it will be very worth it in the long run,” Irvin Guerrero (12) said.

According to statistics, only 2% of high school relationships make it to marriage, and then those marriages don’t tend to last more than 5 months. 

There are lots of different opinions on high school relationships, but it mostly depends on how each individual views them. Some people think they are dumb and distracting, while others like being happy with someone and making some unforgettable memories.