Home release is beneficial when done right

Nevaeh Chavez, Reporter

HOME RELEASE is looked at as a good opportunity for students here at Granger, mainly for seniors and occasionally for  juniors. Some of the counselors encourage students to have as many classes as they can. Home release can often be something that does not encourage one to try harder in school. Leaving school early can be seen as an excuse to go home and sleep or do something unproductive. 

On the other hand, some students use this time to get things done or even get ahead. “There’s more time to rest if you get home release or get things done. I would rather have home release in the morning because you can get more sleep or do work before school,” Alex Sanchez (12) said. Other students leave school and go straight to work, which is a pretty busy day and can often be overwhelming. 

Students that have that kind of schedule will have to learn to prioritize things and not push themselves to the point of exhaustion. “Home release is kind of a waste of time in my opinion, unless you are using your free time to actually get things done,” Desiree Hernandez (12) said. Not having home release can be used as a way to keep busy and give little time for unnecessary distractions during the school year. 

Granger has programs for students with home release just to keep them on track. Granger staff have given students with home release a chance to stay at school and help teachers, students, or themselves. 

Students can volunteer in classes to help teachers grade work, organize, or tutor students. Often times Lancers choose to head up to the library to get work done for future classes to stay ahead. When some Lancers get home release, they like to use that time to go work or work out. 

Working out is also an effective use of time, as staying fit and healthy can be just as important as making money or studying. Working and managing school can be stressful, but if students have enough time, it can be easy.

Before getting a job, thinking ahead is essential. For example, students need to think about family obligations. Balancing school and work can be a lot easier with the support of family, especially if they are aware of the time needed for work and school. 

Some students come to find out having such a busy schedule is more of a setback rather than a motivator to get things done. “I wouldn’t say that home release has kept kids completely engaged in school but it has definitely benefited their performances in classes, at least for me it has. I now have more time to study for more rigorous classes, work, or catch up on study time,” Cesar Colorado (12) said.

Home release can be a good idea for students who are good at staying focused. Most students look forward to having home release to get things done. Other students who are already frustrated with the classes they have would rather take home release than taking extra unwanted or unnecessary classes.

Research has shown that students with home release in the afternoon are more likely to stay motivated. Getting an early start to the day is a way for students to feel like their priorities are straight. Waking up early and coming to school improves concentration.

Most people prefer to wake up and come to class and then go home in the afternoon to get things done. Having home release in the morning may result in wanting to sleep in later then not showing up for class on time, or not at all.