Granger’s food pantry is open to everyone

Krystina Soriano, Reporter

GRANGER’S food pantry is available to everyone: students, faculty, parents, siblings, and the outside community. The food pantry is located in the counseling center. There aren’t any requirements for people to use the pantry, all they have to do is write their name, the amount of people in their house, and the amount of kids under the age of 18. They do not have to have any relation to the school whatsoever.

Mrs. Susan Alik has been in charge of the pantry since 2017, though it existed a few years before that. The administration created the pantry to help out students of Granger as well as the greater community.

Mrs. Allek is there to help students and the community get the things they need. She also orders the food from the Education Foundation, monitors the food levels, and, with the help of volunteers, restocks the bank when the Utah Food Bank delivers.

The food bank has a set time when they deliver to Granger. It is every first Friday after the second Monday of every month. If the pantry has run out or is low on certain items, Mrs. Allek will order those things from the Education Foundation. 

Lancers can go in and get the food they need during lunch or after school, as the food bank is open from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. When going in and grabbing the items, they will provide a box or bag to help carry the items. If students do not want to carry around the food they got during lunch, they can leave it in the counseling center and pick it up after school. 

The items available in the pantry are non-perishables, frozen meats, hygienic items, and occasionally household items like laundry soap and toilet paper. There is a limit to how much one can take. There is a two week recharge time before someone can go back.

The amount of items a person can take depends on the amount of people in their house. It is generally 1 can per person in the household for different things. “It’s a nice place to get what you need,” Skye Matos (10) said. The pantry supplies most things for Matos and her family, and she appreciates it. 

There are many kids and families going hungry every day. They go to food banks in hopes of getting what they need. Sometimes these families don’t receive what they need or don’t receive enough to feed them for the month. 

Anyone who would like to donate to Granger’s food pantry can. They can bring in non-perishables and hygienic items to help out. Granger does suggest donors call them for an available time to bring in items. People can go to to see the guidelines for donating, as Granger follows the same guidelines.