Senioritis has finally hit home


Lenin Villegas is looking forward to playing for a professional team.

Maritza Tolentino, Reporter

UTAH COLLEGE application week was a stressful week for seniors here at Granger High School. College is usually the next step for most seniors. Graduation is just months away, and while it may seem far, it will be here sooner than expected. Applying for colleges, along with scholarships, can help each student’s future if they are willing to put in the work. 

Many students here at Granger High School are going to be a first generation college student. “I am a first generation ongoing college student, I am excited but nervous to see what my future holds,” Alex Cervantes (12) said. Cervantes is going to college at SLCC to do his generals. This is going to be a new experience for Cervantes. Although it might be a struggle with a payment plan, he will be able to both work and study at the same time.

“Applying for scholarships is my main payment focus at the moment,” David Gaspar (12) said. College is not cheap, but there are many ways to help pay for college. Scholarships happen to be one of the easiest ways. 

Applying for colleges will happen soon, and Gaspar is excited to start a new chapter in his life by hopefully getting into a 4-year college. “I don’t have a specific school in mind, as long as I get to study to be a physical therapist,” Gaspar said. He looks forward to achieving his goals and being able to make up for his parents’ sacrifices. 

“I wish I was more involved in school and sports,” Angelica Vasquez (12) said. Vasquez is looking forward to seeing what she will do after high school. She is planning on attending Dixie State University straight after high school. Cosmetology is what she is planning to study, along with pediatric dentistry. She has been looking for scholarships to apply for that will help her pay for some college expenses. 

However, college is not for everyone. “I plan on going to Mexico and tryout for the professional soccer team,” Lenin Villegas (12) said. Playing soccer is Villegas’ passion and he wants to be able to do it for a living. Villegas wants to help his parents out in any way possible because of all the sacrifices they have made for him and his siblings. High school has helped him learn many skills over the years. 

The week of October 7-11 was Utah College Application Week (UCAW). This week brought stress and anxiety to many seniors. “I am anxious about applying since it will be a new chapter of my life but I am excited to open up a new chapter and succeed,” Jose Tapia (12) said. Tapia is hoping to go to trade school and explore options he may like. He is willing to try new things and figure out if he’d like to go to college in the future or not.