Basketball team unites as family


Nikkia’s two years on the basketball team have her primes to compete.

Destiny Linan, Reporter

GRANGER High has a girls basketball team full of hard-working student athletes. They dedicate a lot of time to their team and school work. Players need a 2.0 GPA or higher and may have no more than one ‘F’ to play. Bad grades can get players put on probation or even kicked off the team. Other than that, students who have good grades, and work hard for the team and in school are good to go.

Rose Nguyen (12) is a senior at Granger. She started playing for the girls basketball team when she was a sophomore. “Being on the girls basketball team really helped me a lot with school and gaining a lot of motivation,” Nguyen said. “I actually try in school like in getting good grades and getting to class on time,” Nguyen said.

Nikkia Seiuli (11)  is a junior here at Granger High. She started playing when she was a freshman. She likes being on the team. “I have lots of fun when we have team hangouts, because we can talk to each other about personal things and help each other out. Since the girls end up turning like family, you start getting comfortable and everyone cares about you,” Seiuli said. 

Players tell the coaches lots of things because they love to help everyone, especially if you’re on the team. “When I play with my teammates, they all try to help each other during games. When one is feeling low or not doing good they all try to motivate them to get back up and try harder because they know they got this,” Seiuli said.

Emani Tapo (11) started to play for Granger when she was a sophomore. She likes the team work and motivation the team gains. “It’s fun playing with our rivals who’s Hunter High but also Kearns High,” Tapo said. 

“The games become so intense when we are playing the games against them,” Tapo said. Playing games and coming to practice helps players condition and learn lots of techniques. 

These current players encourage other girls that want to join the team to try out next year. The team wants a lot of girls in the upcoming years. Current players believe it’s a good sport for everyone to try out. It’s a good experience where students can gain lots of friends and motivation.