Students hate OCR, which might be the point


PCR isn’t very popular, Students don’t want to sit in the Alumni Room for an hour with nothing to do.

Michaella Aguiar , Reporter

STUDENTS at Granger High School have many opinions about OCR. Many students say they don’t like OCR, and some have said that it is not effective and is a waste of time that takes away learning time from students.

Many students wonder what the point is in coming to school late just to end up being sent to OCR. They don’t want to sit there and do nothing for an hour where they aren’t even allowed to do anything while sitting there. Many students end up not showing up to class at all because they know they are going to be sent to OCR.

Eastyn Tueller (10) would rather spend her time in class than OCR. “That way I am at least doing something and not sitting in a room not being able to do nothing and the principles and teachers want you to go to class and encourage students to go to class even if you’re late but they send you to OCR,” Tueller said.

Many students have good reasons for being late. Things happen and sometimes they can’t help that they are late. For example, a student’s car could’ve broken down and they didn’t have a way to school. Other students could have had a late night trying to get homework done and simply woke up late. Students are being sent to OCR for something they have little control over.

“From a senior’s point of view I’ve always found OCR is a waste of time. As a sophomore I went to OCR because I was ten minutes late. After sitting in there I never was late again and never went back and sit there that long and do nothing, I am a visual learner so if a teacher teaches me I will get the information so if I’m going to miss that time and period I’m not going to get the information,” Quynh Pham (12) said.

In class, many students have been told by their teachers that they still want their students to come to school and come to class even if students are late. They say to come and they will let them into class and not send them to OCR.

Going to OCR can make students miss information they need to learn in class. This can cause them to fall behind in the class. Being sent to OCR will make the teacher mark the student as being absent, and that could affect a student’s CPA. 

Most students agree that there should be a different punishment for being late to class. OCR causes students to miss classes and fall behind in their classes. Getting a bad grade and not learning the information in class is punishment enough. 

Many students wonder why they aren’t allowed to do anything in OCR. “If I were a principal I wouldn’t use OCR as a consequence because you’re taking away student’s privilege to learn and go to class but personally I’ve never been to OCR so I’m not really sure how things work with it,” Estela Alvear (10) said.