Student Ambassadors choose service over home release


Kelsey hopes that the Student Ambassador Management program continues to prosper throughout the years.

Karen Morales, Reporter

TO MANY students, the name “Student Ambassador,” may be an unknown term. The Student Ambassador program is still not up and running, but many students are already enlisting The Student Ambassador Management program is set to begin this upcoming quarter. The program is seeking students who not only have good grades, but also have a great personality, character, and communication skills. Students in the ambassador management will be able to help staff and admission with student activities.

One of the students already enlisted in the program is Alma Fernandez (12). “The Student Ambassador Management is where we can show and help new students around. Even though it still hasn’t started and I get to help only on home releases for the time being. I hope that when it finally starts, I’ll be able to talk and help more people,”  Fernadez said.  

Another student already in the program is Ericka Bonilla (12). “Since some us in the ambassador management have different times in which we are able to help,  I’m only helping during free periods since it still hasn’t started yet. Reasons to why I joined is because this is my last year and I want to be more involved around this school year. I hope that this will be something that is not only helpful, but also fun for me and for other students,” Bonilla said.

It is clear that this is a very helpful program, since not only does it help students in need, but it also helps the student within the participating program feel more at ease. Many of the students involved in the program seem to have similar positive attitudes about it.

“I like the idea of  being able to participate in being a student ambassador because it is a very good thing to do since you get to help others. I hope that I get to learn more about what it truly is, so that I can get to help others and be able to understand and help myself as well,” Wendy Torres (12) said. The students are here to help as much as they possibly can once the new quarter starts. Even though the student ambassador program might still be unknown to some, it is hoped that throughout the year will be able to help many Granger students.

In order for students to participate, they must be a senior and have a good CPA. 

“Help people who are struggling. Help freshmen the most and be able to guide them. Every last period from everyday. I hope it’s fun, and also hope that it grows through the course of years. Anyone can join and you can also get a cord at graduation,” Kelsey Meza (12) said.