Students fill their free time with a variety of activities


Chase and Jake think that free time should be used for fun.

Ashley Cuadra , Reporter

 FREE TIME is important to have during the school year. We need time to relax after a full day of learning and doing homework. Free time lets us relax, do activities, and spend time with others. It is time to destress and do something other than school work. Now everyone is different, but many appreciate spending their free time doing things such as shopping, going to parties, hanging out with friends or family, gaming, going on social media, or watching TV. 

Jake Turksanski (10) and Chase Turkskanski (11) spend their free time together by making movie trailers. “We were bored and decided to make trailers,” J.Turkskansi said. These trailers have different genres such as action and drama. They post these trailers on instagram for their friends and others to see. 

Time to relax is also important for your health. It is important for your health socially, mentally, and physically. It is socially important because you need to spend time with friends and family. Next, it is mentally important because you need time to take a mental break from everything. It would also be very tiring if you never had a chance to relax physically. If there were no time to rest, then you would feel exhausted everyday. 

Yudith Mendoza (11) usually spends her free time finishing up homework or spending time with loved ones. Over the weekend, she finds herself cooking food with her parents, going out to the mall, or watching TV with her family. “I am definitely productive with my free time,” Mendoza said. She is productive by finishing up chores and cleaning. She also enjoys spending the other portion of her free time with others and overall having a relaxing time.

Online articles such as, The 35 Best Ways to Spend Your Free Time contains a list of activities you can do during your spare time. This list of activities is made for those who do not plan on spending any money or spending a small amount of money.

Maritza Tolentino (12) usually comes back home from school and goes on social media. “I normally go on my phone for a while and help my parents if they need it,” Tolentino said. She spends her time productively by taking pictures with her camera in her neighborhood, helping her family with chores, looking for a job, and cleaning her room/house. Though she spends her free time productively, she also likes to relax by napping and watching Netflix.   

School can be very stressful, so that is why it is important for students and teachers to have free time. It is quality time for you to focus on yourself. It does not always have to be with others. Sometimes it can be emotionally and physically draining to keep up with someone else. That is why you have to make sure to do something that you want to do during your spare time, such as taking a bubble bath or going skateboarding.

Marwa Aslami (9) spends her free time finishing up any school work along with doing chores, and afterwards falls asleep. Aslami is not the most productive when having free time. She is not always allowed to go outside or do many activities. She is limited to staying inside most of the time but, when friends can come over her free time changes. “We normally like to have movie marathons,” Aslami said.