Hip hop music influences fashion styles

Scott Laguna, Reporter

THE MUSIC culture of hip hop started out as a form of art that shows expression and emotions. It started to change around the year 2015, though. In the early 80’s through early 90’s, it used to be about lyrics and having fun in the studio with your friends. Then, hip hop started evolving around 2015 with face tattoos, colorful dreads, and wearing clothing that is trending. Back then, they used to wear baggy pants and baggy shirts. 

There are some artists that have talked about how being in the studio is kinda stressful in this generation because they are trying to make music catered to what their fans want to hear and listen to. In the old generation of hip hop, you would just get in the studio to make a couple of tracks about what the artist liked and had fun being lyrical. In the new generation now, anybody could be a rapper just by using autotune and doing what everybody else is doing. Back then, you would have to be talented at rhyming, word play, using AA BB CC formula, and being an MC.

Ro Lian’s (11) favorite genre is hip hop because the beat is more hype. Lian thinks of the music now is catchy, but doesn’t have a good message. Some of these artists are getting name brand clothing, colorful dreads, and getting face tattoos. Lian said that he thinks these trends are going to die out, but there are going to be some people that are going to keep doing it. The reasons why those trends might stay alive is because they want the  attention and they got famous from doing all of that. Rian thinks they should bring back old school beats and meaningful messages. 

Ronaldo Tolentino’s (12) favorite artist is xxxtentacion, because he talks about the truth, struggles, and what people are going through in life. Tolentino thinks of the new generation of hip hop condones drug use, but that there are some artists that have meaning in their work. He likes that some artists aren’t afraid to try new things. Old school rappers used to try to tell people not to do drugs, but many of the newer artists talk about drugs and money often. Tolentino also isn’t a fan of rappers using autotune, because it is not their real voice. He thinks they use it because it is trending or that they want to sound like robots. Tolentino thinks that the new generation of rappers should bring back the old school culture and focus on the fashion.

Luis Torres (12) likes like all music genres, such as hip hop and Spanish. Torres said that the new generation is here for now, but it’s going to start to change soon back to lyrical writing with meaning and a message to people.

With this new generation, anybody could be an artists by using a similar trap beat and the same thing with autotune. Sooner or later, the old generation is going to come back with lyrical meaning to it that tells a story. Music in the old days was at its best, and there are a lot of people that would agree.