Involvement brings satisfaction


Anthony thinks that they train you well for the heavy workload in AVID.

Maritza Tolentino, Reporter

WHEN YOU are involved at Granger, you get a different experience than someone who is not involved. Being in school activities will greatly improve your high school life. “Not everyone will participate in the dress ups we have here but when you do, you enjoy school so much more by competing with others here,” Rachelle Medina (12) said. For freshman year, Medina was involved in volleyball. Even if she did not play very well, she had a lot of fun getting to know more people and getting to know what she likes and does not like. She figured out that dance company was a better fit and has been in it since then. She has also been an Excalibur since her junior year. “I love dancing and since I get the opportunity to dance in school, I did and it’s one of the best things I could do here in High School, is being involved,” Medina said. Her advice to people would be to go out there and find what you like and do it even if it is just for fun. 

Out of all the sports, clubs, and classes, there are so many other different ways to be involved whether that is being part of FBLA or DECA or any other club offered here at Granger. AVID is one of those classes that you can take to be more involved in school. I personally am part of this AVID family and it can make a big difference in being a high schooler. “As a first generation college student, I feel lost but with the AVID program, it helps students get to where they want to go,” Anthony Castro (12) said. AVID requires  extra work in school but it will be beneficial in the long run. 

Even though the boys soccer season is not here yet, conditioning is going on now to help those future players get fit and ready for tryouts. ̈ ̈To be involved in the soccer team, we want the players to be doing good in school, not just the field,”  Jose Perez (12) said. Jose is the president of the soccer team. He mentioned how working with the boys is such a great experience and it’s cool being involved with the team, even if he is not a player. It all started as a joke since he was always with the guys and eventually he was given the president position. He wouldn’t have had this opportunity if he was not constantly being involved. 

The girls tennis team has also been doing well. “Being part of the tennis team is honestly like being in one big family,” Alyssa Macchio (12) said. Macchio started playing tennis just this year since she wanted to be more involved in school, since it is her senior year. She is looking forward to trying new things and being able to see where it takes her in life. She did mention that it was stressful to balance tennis, school, and work all at once, but she is staying on track. Macchio is pushing herself to do better even while being involved in school activities. 

The only real way to become part of something is to being willing to be out there and enjoy yourself. Go out, dress up, participate and your high school life will be so much better. It may seem silly to dress up but once you do it, you’ll get a feel of the competition with the other grades and your friends. Being involved at Granger is such an amazing experience, try it and find out for yourself.