Volleyball players are supportive

Naomy Romero, Reporter

VOLLEYBALL is one of the many sports played here at Granger. Most of our players have been playing for years, even before they started high school. Volleyball recently finished their pre-season and the team is now preparing for their big games. To get ready for their games, they have long practices after school. This year, the team has bonded well over the summer by spending numerous hours together and having a support system within the team. Communication is important for these girls so they can work together as a team. 

Volleyball has a support system called “big sis, little sis”,where a Varsity player has a Junior Varsity as their “sibling” and that junior varsity player goes to their big sis for help anytime they have any struggles. This system helps the team improve and gives the girls a chance to work together. Penelope Vann (10) likes to stay focused and have fun working together as a team. A challenge the girls face while working as a team is building trust, according to Jaylina Taula (9). The team is improving more and more everyday, the season has just begun and they are excited to see how the season will play out. 

The team has been preparing for their games by having daily practices. They practice Monday-Fridays and practice usually lasts up to 2 hours. Physically, they prepare by practicing and they prepare mentally by focusing and warming up before the game. “I put myself in a state to stay focused,” Vann said. Taula prepares for a game by eating light food, listening to hype music, and staying focused. Having a positive mindset is important or else they tend to lose focus. Confidence is another big thing to have while in a game. With trust being an issue, they like to warm up together before the game and hype each other up. 

Pre-season has been tough for the volleyball team, they have played many schools and have successfully won 1 game so far. Vann thinks the team could do better and improve together.  A lot of the girls on the team have been playing since they were younger and have lots of experience. Vann and Taula have been playing since seventh grade. Taula played in a club outside of  school for a year before coming to Granger. The volleyball team is working hard and has high hopes for the coming season and region play.