Street style hits Granger


Ro Lian Pairs Champion and Jordans.

Pedro Melende, Reporter

FASHION culture has really grown in the last 30 years. In the 90’s, people wore baggy jeans with tank tops, and a durag with a hat on top. In the 2000’s people still wore baggy jeans, but they also wore a lot of jerseys and would match a lot. Now things are way different than how it was. Tappers do crazy things to their hair and wear some really different things that you wouldn’t think they would be wearing.  

People dress a certain way to express who they are, while others dress a certain way to show that they have money and to get attention from other people. Many do not care about how they dress because it is not their main priority. Clothing can mean anything to anybody, it just really depends on their point of view.

Fashion may not always matter at school, but if dressing well and being different makes you feel good, then go right ahead. Don’t let other people’s opinion affect the way you like to express yourself and make sure to always be yourself.

“My favorite brand is Jordan because I think their shoe designs and models are super clean and you can tell that they really put a lot of time into what they are making,” Brandon Soto (11) said. “One of my friends got me into fashion because he always wears some nice shoes with nice expensive clothing. Most of the rappers I listen to inspire the way I dress, some of them wear more relaxed clothing while others like to go all out,” Soto said. Some think fashion matters at school, but it really depends if you care enough for it. Some people wear outfits that cost over $1,000 to school, but other people really do not care what they have on because they really do not care what others think of them.

“My favorite brand is Bape because the design is unique and different than what other brands are doing. A lot of people on youtube got me into fashion so I just kept on watching their videos and as time passed I started buying hyped shoes and hyped clothing for example I got a Bape shirt, Supreme shoulder bag, and a lot of Jordans,” Ro Lian (11) said, “ I feel like fashion sort of matters at school but it really depends on how view it. I started finding fashion as a way to express who I am so I started caring about it more and more as time passed because I like to say that I’m different so I have to dress different from other people.”

“I don’t have a favorite brand if i’m being honest, I just wear anything that I think looks good on me,” another student said. “I think the fashion at Granger is pretty good because I have seen some students with really expensive clothing, for example I have a friend who has Balenciaga shoes and those go for about $600 to $800. Personally, I would consider myself a hypebeast because I like the more trendy stuff because it is usually what people notice but I do like dressing with my own style from time to time just to separate myself from the way other people are dressing,” the student said.