GTV broadcasts Lancer Live every day

Ioana Johansson, Reporter

STUDENTS at Granger High School say that GTV is beneficial because it shows them important dates for important events. Lancers will often go to second period and watch our very own GTV. However, there are some teachers who sometimes forget to watch GTV with their students.

GTV is a program where students do morning announcements and inform our school about events happening. A whole class is dedicated to making GTV and is directed by Mr. Ganze. They will announce things like homecoming, sporting events, and important things like a blood drive happening after school. Students put their time and effort to make it happen. They added extra minutes to class so that us Lancers can be informed.

Not everyone has a positive view of GTV, though. “They need better mics,” Hanna Johnson (9) said. They have exceptional information, but if we cannot hear what they’re saying, then it is easy to question the point of watching. 

The same goes for the quality of the camera and the angle of the cameraman. The lighting needs improvement, and even though they’re just doing it in the hallway, students suggest that the crew should find somewhere that has better lighting. 

Another thing students have noted that they need to work on is enthusiasm. “They are stiff and boring,” Tivinia Johansson (10) said. However, GTV is a great medium to get the information kids and parents need. Lancers even admitted that without GTV, they probably wouldn’t even know when homecoming was. If Lancers need information for school, GTV is very beneficial and it’s a video and is therefore makes the information easier to digest. If you have ever watched GTV, then you would know that they just give you the facts straight forward. They smile every now and then, but sometimes they just look at the camera with a straight face. It could be seen as boring.

Some kids don’t watch GTV and don’t know what it is. They get all their information from their friends. Freshman class president Zach Bohn (9) said,”students came up to me and asked to make [GTV] more clearer.” It’s obvious that students don’t really understand what’s going on.

Students who are doing an exceptional job at sports and academics will be rewarded by making it on to GTV and our school website. Other things are showcased on GTV as well.

If you go onto the school website there is a button called,” G-Media” and if you have any announcements to put onto GTV, you can make suggestions on there. It will have a link to the YouTube channel if you ever miss the announcements. If you cannot access the internet you will most likely go and Mr. Ganze and inform him. GTV has announcers as well as reporters who interview Lancers and staff. They will ask questions about certain events that are about to happen. 

On October 3rd, there will be a movie night with drinks and food provided. After the movie there will be a soccer game with free hot dogs. GTV has announced this and if you would like to go, you would have to have a permission slip signed by your parents. 

“They should have clips of the kids doing their work, playing sports, or just being in class,” Noelia Facio (9) said. “They need to get names right,” Tue Tran (11) said. Some students may be embarrassed when they are recognized on GTV but their name is mispronounced. Students seem to want GTV to incorporate other elements that go beyond just announcements, but there seems to be some agreement that it is a valuable source of information here at Granger.