Shots fired mistaken for fireworks at homecoming game

Jaxon Wolfley, Reporter

ON SEPTEMBER 13th, Granger High School had its annual homecoming game. This was a highly anticipated game, for it was Granger’s rivalry game against Hunter High School. Granger had a carnival that was happening before the game. 

Everyone in attendance was excited for the game. Our school spirit was unbelievable. Alumni from past years were also in attendance. Everyone was having an enjoyable time. I was having fun, it was a good time,” Emma Vuckovic (9) said. But at around 9 o’clock, gunshots were fired in the parking lot of Granger.

Many people in the stands did not hear the gunshots because our spirit was too loud. People not in the stands saw and heard the shooting. The gunshots were fired on school grounds, but not in the stands. Several people watching the game thought it was fireworks, or even a car backfire. This was a very scary time for everyone attending the game.

”I ran away because of the gunshots. But no, I did not see the gunshots,” Braxton Peltz (10) said. Many students ran from the shots because they were scared of what might happen. “I saw the gunshots from on top of the bleachers. I was really freaked out and tried to tell people about it so we could leave. I ended up leaving through the relos,” Charlie Cross (9) said. Many thought these sounds were the fireworks being prepped. But, once the main entrance was sealed off, many began to panic. 

Eight police officers were guarding the main entrance not letting anyone in or out. These officers also had three K9 units with them to guard as well. “Everyone who saw the shots being fired into the ground sprinted as fast as they could away, because they were so scared,” Alex Nyguen (9) said.These events had many parents worried. Many began to call their kids to ask if they were safe or not. Thankfully, no one was harmed in this frightening event. 

The police officers working the game ran towards the gunfire to ensure the safety of Granger and Hunter students as well as the patrons in attendance. The Salt Lake Tribune said in their article, ” the game was so loud, most spectators were unaware of the shooting.”

Ben Horsley, Granite School District spokesperson, said in an email, ”we are grateful for the presence of four Granite Police Officers who were assisting with security last night.” The police believe the gunshots were related to gangs. Both of the gunshots that were fired went into the ground, thus not injuring anyone. Also, these gang members did not live in the West Valley City area. 

Many are thankful our police officers kept the situation under control and kept all attendees safe. According to Fox 13, ”someone fired shots likely into the ground as warning shots.” None of these shots hit or damaged anything or anyone. The game ended 35-6 in Hunter’s favor. But the night ended well with a wonderful fireworks show to close off Granger’s homecoming game. None of the suspects that are in custody attend Granger or Hunter. We are glad that every Lancer is safe!