Things they don’t tell students about granger


Camille thinks that Granger is great at school spirit, but it’s something that can definitely be improved.

Karla Landeros, Reporter

HIGH SCHOOL has its expectations like anything else. When in middle school, maybe the expectation of high school was getting shoved into a lock. Reality: nobody really uses their locker these days. Everyone is into their own small world that often it is ignored that high school isn’t like the movies. There is too much that movies don’t tell us about high school.

“High School Musical”, “Bring it on”, and maybe even “To all the Boys I’ve Loved Before” are examples of what high school is not. These movies may have risen the expectations of what high school can be to students. Unfortunately, there will never be dancing on the table tops and singing after the bell rings. Nonetheless, school dances, spirit weeks, and fun sports games provide many opportunities for Granger to still be fun. 

In movies, it is typical to see a lot of high school spirit. Granger is great at school spirit, but it’s something that can definitely be improved on. “Freshmen think that it is stupid to have school spirit,” Camille Pinilla (10) said. Granger holds spirit weeks and have fun lunch activities. 

Diversity seems to speak louder than our spirit. Granger holds a very diverse student population which makes it stand out more from other schools. Cultures here at Granger can vary from Latin America to all corners of Asia and Africa. “In middle school, I felt there were only Latinos, but attending Granger shows how diverse students are,” Zuley Olivares (12) said. Diversity seems to say a lot about Granger, setting a great cultural reputation. 

Granger has quite the reputation as one of the most recent buildings in the district. Granger is quite big in size and has about 3,000 students attending the school. Ms. Timpson, Granger’s new theatre teacher, was amazed and excited to finally get to teach a school with a big population. “I went to a big high school, and I was really looking forward to getting back to a big high school culture after teaching at a small high school,” Timpson said. 

Some freshmen students have been told that high school isn’t a nice place to be playing around, so coming into Granger may have been a bit terrifying. Granger, as well as any other high school, wants their students to accept responsibility as a student and mature into an adult. Though high school is an environment for young adults, high school isn’t as hard as some may have initially thought. “It was not very different from junior high; there were just more people here,” Isaac Lemus (9) said. 

Unlike elementary and middle school, high school provides many more things to choose from. “The difference is that you get more choices like clubs and classes to take,” Elizabeth Ortiz (9) said. Granger has various classes that focus on careers that most students want to take. One of the things that really stands out about Granger is its diversity, not only in its students, but in their classes. 

High school can be many things. It is a memorable time in everyone’s life. Regardless of what “High School Musical” did or didn’t show, high school is a common yet unique experience to everyone in this country. Granger is very diverse and is a big school, students should take advantage of it.