Anime passion: a blend of imagination and fantasy


Mechelle recommends The Seven Deadly Sins because it is full of action and humor.

Tyler Danh, Reporter

EVERYONE has a passion. For many, that passion is anime. Anime really stands out because it’s imaginative and creative. Anime is created from the human mind to show what viewers wish to have in reality. Anime can consist of action, love, knowledge, and anything a human mind can think of.

“I love the action of anime,” Mechelle Rodriguez (12) said. Rodriguez watched Seven Deadly Sins.  It is an anime full of action and romance. Rodriguez loves how the protagonist portrays himself and how the protagonist does anything for Elizabeth. Rodriguez is willing to explore more anime and hopes to find another anime that she will be interested in. Rodriguez recommended Seven Deadly Sins because it is full of action and humor.

“I love the meaning behind the anime,” Oscar Garcia (11) said. Garcia’s favorite anime is the “Boy and the Beast”. The anime is about a kid who runs away and travels to another world. It was in that universe that the main character was raised by goats.  Fourteen years go by, and the main character comes back to Earth and realizes they should have stayed. Towards the end of the anime, there is a big war between the animals.

“I love anime because of its storylines,” Enrique Tavares (11) said. Tavares loves anime about action and adventure. Hajime no Ippo is Tavares’ favorite anime. It is about boxing and the adventure of a weak guy. There is a kid who gets picked on and wants to be stronger, so the main character boxes. Ippo becomes stronger and becomes a pro boxer. Tavares recommends this anime for viewers who are particularly interested in boxing.

Another favorite anime is Dragon Ball Super. Super is about the protagonist getting stronger and rising to new heights. “Anime is dope, and it is inspirational,” Tavares said. It inspires anime viewers to never stop working hard and to reach for the stars.

“Anime shows that our imaginations are limitless,” Brayam Correa (11) said. Correa’s favorite anime is Hunter x Hunter. It is about a boy who is in search of the protagonist’s father and wants to become strong. Throughout the anime, Gon encounters strong people that try to kill him. Gon wants to become a Hunter, so Gon joins the Hunter exam.

Gon’s father is one of the 12 zodiac signs. Gon’s father is the boar and is very powerful. Gon’s dad travels and vanishes a lot, so Gon keeps on searching for the boar of the zodiac. “I love this anime because it is an emotional ride that consists of action and family,” Correa said.

“Pain is weakness leaving the body,” Eduardo Flores (12) said. Flores quoted this from his favorite anime Dragon Ball Z. This anime story is about a character named Goku who achieves great power by doing his best every day. Goku wants to eliminate evil and believes everyone should have good in them. “I love this anime because it shows you should never give up even when someone is stronger,” Flores said.

So, it is no wonder why many people love anime.  Its lessons of perseverance, strength, and imagination are invaluable to the people that enjoy it.