Advice for crushes and the crushed


“I helped Francisco on an assignment, and we hit it off. We’re coming up on our tenth,” Itzel Montes (12) said.

Mariah Valle, Reporter

An ongoing stereotype for many generations is that boys have to ask out girls. This stereotype is very misogynistic. Obviously, girls can ask out boys, as well.

Fear of rejection is common, but there is no need to be shy. No one needs to be afraid when it comes to admitting your feelings to someone.

Playing hard to get is not attractive because there is no winning in playing this game.  You easily make yourself look arrogant, which is never an attractive characteristic. Just tell your crush that you like them. There is no need to cause added tension. Rather than making the situation suspenseful, just tell them how you feel.

I understand that a person cannot automatically be told to ask a person out. Taking your time can be OK. A way for a guy or girl to ease into a relationship is by offering to be friends first and then asking them out later. Although it takes longer, it will be worth it because you will have such a close bond with each other.

There are girls that are fearless and can easily walk up to a crush and simply talk to them. However, other girls are not as lucky. Instead, they fear that their crush will not reciprocate their feelings, but there is an important thing that needs to be realized. The rejection can temporarily hurt, but it will eventually go away.

Time heals many things, and with patience, the right partner will come along. Keep your options open. You are not committed to marrying the person you date.  If the relationship is not working out, stop forcing it.

There is other advice that can be given besides being straight forward with your feelings. Do not give mixed signals to the person you like.  Flirting with them at one moment and then not talking to them the next day can lead to much confusion.  This can ultimately lead someone to back away from you because they are not 100% sure how you feel.

If a girl makes the first move in telling you that she likes you, be respectful. If you don’t feel the same way, tell her how you feel but do so politely. This will allow her to no longer waste her time on you and move on, but do not break her heart by being rude and degrading in your comments and reasoning.

If you are really good friends with someone but don’t have reciprocated crush-worthy feelings, realize that your friendship does not have to end.  What you had as friends was beautiful and should not be tarnished by a lack of mutual feelings of romance.

So, the next time your stomach starts fluttering and your heart starts racing at the sight and presence of a particular person, do not let anything stop you from admitting your feelings.  Regardless of your gender, approach your crush. You never know where it might lead you.