Kailey works hard to get desired results

Nevaeh Chavez, Reporter

BEING on the drill team can be a challenge in and of itself. Drill takes determination, commitment, and hard work. As shown in many performances, the Excaliburs seem to have every dance step right on point.

For Kailey Provost (9), being on the dance team is more challenging than what meets the eye. Provost is a very well committed dancer and dedicates every second of her time to improving herself. “It’s hard; you have to be committed,” Provost said. When Provost first started dancing on the drill team, she was not very confident with being on count and being sharp enough.

Provost is an optimistic and friendly person. She seems to have a good attitude about everything she is faced with. “Dancing is a way for me to express everything I have been through. It allows me to feel good about myself,” Provost said.

As she continues to progress into the year, she wants to make a promise to herself that she will continue to work hard. This mentality allows her to perform well. It also helps with her physical and mental health. Some students might think that joining a team is a new way of meeting friends; Provost has a different opinion about this.

Although she gets along with everyone on the team, she explained her point of view. “I get along with the girls on my team, but I am not here to make friends. I am here to become a better dancer,” she said.

Others on the team can see how hard Provost has been working to get to where she is now. Stormy Stevens (11) hopes to see her continue to grow as a person and as a dancer. “Kailey has improved so much. In terms of her confidence, there is like a day and night difference,” Stevens said.

As many Lancers already know, to be on a competitive team, a certain grade point average is required by student athletes. Some people may find this very overwhelming and hard to manage. Provost has done a great job of keeping up with her grades and even improving them since the beginning of the year. Provost has handled the pressures of being a student athlete with grace and passion.

One of the reasons Provost has come so far is because of the support of her dance teacher, Adeena Lago. “Kailey has improved so much as a dancer. Where she was initially and where she is now is crazy. She is amazing,” Lago said. Provost has a natural talent for dance. She is very focused. When she wants to do something, she puts her mind to it and gets it done. “Kailey will stand there in class and just say ‘I want to learn how to do an aerial,’ and the very next day, she has it down. It’s crazy,” Lago said.

The support that Provost has is amazing. No wonder her confidence has increased significantly. William West (9) is such a supportive friend of Provost’s. They have been friends for two years. “Kailey is amazing. She’s always encouraging others and is so generous,” West said.

Provost can be an inspiration to many girls beginning to dance here at Granger. She is a reminder that with hard work and dedication, anyone can achieve anything they desire.