Heard in the halls

Angela Cortez , Reporter

HERE at granger, we have a large student body. Given the circumstances, Lancers are destined to hear some very interesting phrases in the halls. Here are some:

“You want a Sprite cranberry?”

“I don’t remember the last time I washed my hair.”

“These band kids smell like cheese.”

“I’m going to go to Gamestop to buy Despacito 2.”

“Oh yeah, I got promoted at my banking job, so I basically own the bank now.”

“Look at this picture—you look like a monkey!”

“I was choking, and I almost threw up.”

“Look at his butt!”

“He runs like a pig.”

“I got 10 credits.

You’re a Junior.”

“Why are you drooling?

It’s just water!”

“Hands off my meat.”

“My girlfriend left me for my twin.”

“All I want for Christmas is poo.”