Hard work and dedication in a new region gives Granger a boost

Junior Heimuli, Reporter

LANCERS have been very outstanding in sports this year. “We have continuously trained and worked on our fundamentals, and I think the team can take state next year. Being in region and winning opponents made us push a lot harder than we have previous years,” Jair Pena (‘18) said.

Lancer soccer athletes have done amazing things this year. Not only are they in region, but they have represented Granger High in many ways. Through academics, sportsmanship, winning games, and putting the Lancers on the map.

“This year, basketball has excelled in many different levels. We have pushed each other harder and worked a lot harder than we have in previous years. Being able to make it to region was very rewarding for us,” Jerome Mark (12) said. The boys basketball team has worked hard this year. They improved the little things and made every minute of practice worth it.

They trained and studied films, but don’t be fooled—there is amazing talent on the team, and when talent works hard, it is nothing but amazing. “I have worked hard for it this year. I wanted my team to push themselves in every way possible- in the classroom and on the court. My team goal was to make it to region this year and having that happen was very fulfilling,” Ose Pauni (12) said.

Our students have many talents, but behind every amazing student athlete is hard work and dedication. “Excelling in the classroom and on the court is a must. I know at the end of the day, it’s all gonna pay off if I just stick in there and do the work. At the end of the tunnel is all the ‘pay’ I have worked for,” Anel Alagic (‘18) said.

Being dedicated on and off the court, our Lancers have sacrificed many hours to train for their craft and make it to region. “Our team wouldn’t have made it to region if we never took those after-school hours to perfect our craft, train for the little things, and condition for everything we had coming our way. To take the region title was amazing and the biggest blessing we have gotten this year. I was so happy, and I thank all my coaches and teammates for pushing each other to the next level to take the title,” Brian Sika (12) said.

“Our Lady Lancers have worked very hard this year to take volleyball region. I was a captain last year, and my only goal was to take region. It wouldn’t have happened if we never put in the hours and time on the court,” Fane Ma’afu (12) said.

Granger High athletes have gone above and beyond this year. This is only the beginning of everything we have started here, and the students who take on everyday challenges to become more successful will find the achievement they seek.