Join now: Granger offers a variety of clubs

Molirae Afemata, Reporter

THE BEGINNING of the year is always the time that everyone is scrambling around trying to prepare themselves for the new year. Students are registering for classes, switching schedules, and joining clubs that are most comfortable for them.

Dance Company, Drama, Fear Club, Game Club, Key Club, Korean Klub, Lancer Legislature, Lancer Photographic Society, Latinos in Action, National Art Honor Society, People of Pacific, PEP, Ping Pong, Scholars’ Pathway, Shield Staff, Skills USA, and DECA are several of the clubs to choose from.

Each club has different things students can learn from and different things students can participate in.  With as many clubs Granger has, students can truly get a taste of the variety of people that go to Granger. Some clubs match hobbies and others can serve as curriculum for something that lasts a lifetime.

Clubs are also a great way to get to know people that have the same interests, and perhaps they’ll help kids make new friends. It’ll also help students have a better understanding of what it is they are trying to learn.

Clubs can also give students an opportunity to share their talents in and outside of school. It will not only give them the knowledge of what it is that the club is teaching about, but it will also give them chances to experience these moments with their peers.

“I thought it was weird joining a club where I knew that I wouldn’t know anyone, but the more I went, I soon got to know everyone. Now we’re all good friends. I even met my best friend, Katalina Martinez,” Elana Misa (11) said.

Clubs are also a great way to keep students busy and out of trouble. Most students get into trouble simply because they are bored. Clubs can go on for hours, this will help parents to stress less about where their student is, for they know that their child is participating in extracurricular activities.

Clubs can also lead students into better interests. There are clubs that do fashion—perhaps a student can develop an interest in fashion and take it to the next level. There are even clubs that can teach a foreign language.

The Korean culture is very popular right now, and Granger has a Korean Klub for any students that love the Korean culture.

Granger High School is so diverse. There are so many clubs that can tie into students’ backgrounds, such as the Korean Klub, Latinos in Action, and Japanese Club.

Granger offers a place for everyone. As the Lancer Creed says, “Our differences make us stronger, our similarities make us one.” Clubs are a great way to explore these differences and feel united with other Lancers.