Tiffany Nguyen and Sarah Lim offer fashion advice to Granger Lancers

Natalie Aiono, Reporter

When it comes to clothing, an outfit can speak volumes about someone as a person. Through clothing, a person is able to communicate a message without even opening their mouth. Many Lancers express themselves with fashion. Fashion can be powerful, if used correctly. A great outfit can make someone feel like a million bucks. These Lancers share their knowledge and opinions on fashion.
Tiffany Nguyen (‘18) has plenty to do with fashion. “Expressing myself is something within myself. Some days I just wear the most horrendous clothes like my scrubs with a hoodie because I really don’t care about how I look. Then there are times where I wear earrings and layer my clothing pieces with a pair of ankle booties from H&M. I am fond of jumpsuits, two pieces, jean skirts, and faux fur. I like these because I think they are so cute.”

Nguyen didn’t stop there. “Some fashion trends I don’t like would probably be hippie clothes. I’ve been noticing a comeback at H&M. There are some specific floral prints that I dislike, otherwise I like everything else. My favorite era is today’s fashion because I just think everyone has their own way of expressing their style. It’s not a specific set, and it’s very distinct. I am inspired by Amanda Steele and Kelsey Simon. They add lots of minimalism to their style, and it inspires me to adapt to their wardrobe. Some of my favorite clothing brands are Nike, H&M, Pacsun, and Forever 21,” she said.

She summed it all up by saying, “Live your life, show up in sweats or show up in the most bedazzling shoes. It’s all up to you. Wear whatever makes you feel great. You can wear the most expensive Gucci shirt, but at the end of the day what matters is what’s on the inside.” Nguyen has some great advice.

Sarah Thi Lim (‘18) is another knowledgeable Lancer when it comes to fashion. “When expressing myself with fashion, I go through many moods. I have days where I want to look comfy and cute, or days where I feel trendy.  It all depends on how I feel in the morning. I will never get sick of mom jeans/shorts, hoodies, and mock necks. Mom jeans/shorts are great because of how loose, yet fitted they are at the same time. They give you a break from skinny jeans, which can be extremely uncomfortable in the heat. As for hoodies, you can never go wrong with a hoodie. They are always in season and they go with everything. Hoodies can be dressed up or down.”

Lim owns a large number of mock necks. “I have striped and plain ones, and I enjoy mock necks because they’re thin and lightweight. They’re good for all seasons, plus they’re super cute. If you don’t own one, I suggest getting one. If you’re not a fan of turtlenecks, mock necks are the next thing because they’re more lightweight and not heavy, so you won’t sweat while wearing them in somewhat hotter weather,” she said.

Nguyen and Lim have distinct styles. “I personally don’t hate any fashion trends; I think fashion is a multi-universal thing that doesn’t have a right or wrong way. My favorite era would be from the early 2000s because I love windbreakers. I also love this era’s fashion. I have many fashion idols. I’m inspired by a lot of people on Instagram. I also find inspirations from simply walking around at the mall, or sometimes at school.”

Lim stands firm when it comes to her commitment to personal style. “For brands, I’m a little basic. Most of my clothes are Nike, Adidas, Champion, Brandy Melville, Obey, LA Hearts and, well, the list goes on. My advice would be to never let somebody tell you: ‘You can’t wear that,’ or ‘That looks weird on you.’  If you think you look and feel good, work it. The outfit doesn’t wear you; you wear it. Also, try to be a little original. It’s OK to take some bits and pieces from another person, but don’t be a clone. Other than that, have fun. Fashion is for everybody.”  This Lancer knows what she’s saying.

In a sea of clothing choices, a person should find the clothes they like and rock ‘em. Fashion can help with confidence and self-esteem. A perfect outfit can make someone go from sad to styling in a matter of seconds. Everyone should feel comfortable in the clothes they wear. Fashion is one of the many tools of being awesome.