Ray Goren: the upcoming artist

Alexus Gillette, Reporter

RAY GOREN is an 18 year old musician. His music is very diverse and has many messages within it. He is not a one trick pony, to say the least.

There is an abundance of diversity in music genres and types, and Ray is the one

Not many get the chance to meet an idol you look up to, but Ray was fortunate enough to do just that. His music appeals to many because of the unique blend of different genres throughout each song.

His story is very inspiring. Using the wisdom of the professionals to help yourself grow is a concept that should be used more often. We all could benefit from a life mentor. Ray used his new knowledge to create a sound all his own. Something unique to his music is that you can hear all the different styles of music within his own music.

It is very impressive how he made a blend of music into something that sounds good. He has used music from all around to create a perfect blend from all spectrums. Someone who can blend music in this way is truly talented, especially when you’re still true to who you are by creating a message with lyrics. It is not an easy thing to do when you have to write, compose, and then perform the songs.

Ray is an amazing upcoming, young artist that is very talented and has goals set in mind for his future. It takes time and effort to become a star, but that’s what drives Ray to succeed. He is constantly putting in effort to be a better musician.

It is interesting how he started his journey in music so young.

He started out his journey in LA, playing jazz Thelonious Monk and Oscar Peterson. At the young age of 5 years old, he began playing music from his greatest idols. His focus of music then shifted from the blues and focusing on electric guitar.

Leon Russell became his mentor at a young age and began to teach him about writing his own music. His latest album is called “Me”. It’s his his own autobiography in his music, telling parts of his life through songs. This idea- a music autobiography- is so new and innovatie. Songs of course have meaning to them most of the time, but with Ray, his entire album is a story with meaning. Ray, although young, has had many fortunate experiences in life, leading him into having a successful start to his music career.

With his great mix of a few genres, a lot of different people can come together to enjoy his music. His mix of soulful R&B and pop/rock is incredible.

All in all, Ray Goren is a very good artist who came up with a lot of good help, and he will continue to become the artist he dreams of being.