Lancers struggle to keep backpacks organized


Vivian Hernandez’s backpack is filled with many things

Tiffany Nguyen, Reporter

THERE are many things students keep in their backpacks, and there can even be things that they didn’t even know were in their backpack. Students tend to stuff their backpacks with anything from papers to candy wrappers. Even if someone doesn’t have a backpack, students generally still have a mess in their binders, folders, and notebooks. The weirdest things can be found in any backpack, and some Lancers were willing to share some experiences and tips to help others.

“I have my make-up in my bag, but it’s only because I’m sometimes in a rush when I first do my makeup. So, if I need to do any type of touch up on my make-up, I’ll fix it at school,” Vivian Hernandez (10) said. There are things in students’ backpacks that people will need to have in order to be on track with things. “I’ve kept a lot of stuff in my bag, but lately I cleaned out my bag for some useful school supplies,” Hernandez said.

Students keep a lot of things in their backpacks because sometimes they don’t have enough time to get their binders out and put the assignments in the folders. Most students just stuff the paper in their backpacks. In the middle of the year, most Lancers will have a disorganized backpack, because it’s usually the most stressful time in year for some, since this is when teachers give out the most.

Lancers should pay attention to the things in their bags because they might not even notice what’s in their backpacks and even lose things in it. “My backpack is pretty organized and clean because I don’t like having a big mess in something I use everyday. I usually keep a sweater in my bag for when it gets cold,” Serena Cano (11) said. It’s a great habit for a student to clean their backpack so it could be easier to find things quickly and not lose important items or assignments.

Lancers might actually clean their backpacks, but they might feel that in about two weeks, all the hard work in organizing will go to waste.  Most times teachers don’t let students pack up their things until the end of class, and that’s very frustrating for some because they need to get to their next class, and there’s no time for organizing.

Things that are usually missing in a student’s backpack are assignments, pencils, earbuds, and other random things. “I hate losing my pencils and pens because I’ll have to ask someone else in my class for something to write with,” Ariana Rojas (11) said. Pencils are the main thing that get lost. Whether someone has a clean backpack or not, the pencils are just gone after a while.

“I haven’t even looked in my backpack. I’m pretty busy with a lot of things like hanging out with friends and chilling at home, but I’ll know to clean it out when I start getting back pain,” Eli Flores (10) said.