Social media affects fewer relationships than expected


IT’S THAT time of year again when people are in a lovey dovey mood. Many are giving each other gifts to show their love and appreciation towards one another. But what many people don’t know is the hidden part of their relationship—social media.
Many people think that social media affects their friendships, relationships, and acquaintances. There are many ways that it can affect people. There are billions of things to do online, ranging from taking pictures to posting about recently watched movies.

But some might say that it doesn’t affect their relationship because they most likely don’t use it. “It doesn’t matter because if we didn’t have social media, we wouldn’t really care,” Yuleisy Leyva (12) said. People like Leyva don’t seem to care a whole bunch compared to other people.

Others might say that they don’t let people know about what might be happening between them. “It doesn’t affect our relationship, because we don’t post our relationship on there and don’t find it necessary to let everyone know what’s going on with us,” Diana Cruz (11) said.

Although most Lancers don’t let it get to them, there are few people who have had problems before. “My ex would constantly hate that I posted pictures and had friends, he blamed social media for all the mistakes he made,” Leyva said.

But some students have had different experiences with their past relationships. “None of my past exes ever blamed social media, it was always our own problems that didn’t involve social media at all,” Alyssa Luna (10) said. Many relational partners still have difficulty trusting each other, but there are some students that have a different mentality.

“My boyfriend goes to Hunter and I totally have trust in him and believe in him,” Luna said. Although they may not see each other often, they still have 100% trust in one another. “We met each other in 7th grade where we instantly clicked and have trusted each other since then,” Luna said.

“Social media doesn’t affect our relationship because we don’t let it,” Aryanna Deherera (10) said. She and her boyfriend are very discreet about their relationship, they let it be known that they’re together but they don’t let people know what happens between them.
“My past relationship didn’t end because of our social media, we just ended up losing feelings for each other,” Cruz said. Most students don’t have a problem with social media and their relationships. They all try to leave their relationships discreet.
“Me and Aryanna are always with each other and we let it be known that we are together but we don’t let people know if we fight or have problems with each other,” Adrien Sanchez (10) said. They like being together because they understand each other.

“Me and him are very much alike and understand the same things,” Deherera said.

Lancers are always with their partner whenever they get the chance to.

“We always hang out at parties whenever we can, we go to 15’s with each other if he doesn’t go to work,” Luna said.

Social media hasn’t affected people’s relationships as some people may have expected.