Tri-Color Times

Owen Hopkins is a freshman band prodigy

Leyla Ilyazova, Reporter

February 19, 2020

DIVERSITY is an area of strength here at Granger. Not only do our students show demographic diversity, they also display a diverse range of talents and skills. Owen Hopkins (9) has is a Lancer with many musical skills. Hopkins ...

Alison Jackson plans for college

Alizza Beltran, Reporter

February 19, 2020

DURING high school, students have to think about their future, and when most students think about their future, they tend to think about college. Then, when they think about college they think about scholarships, student loans, wh...

GTV, wrestling, and swim keep Kevin busy

Macaela Williams

February 7, 2020

IN A LIFE full of high school and preparing for college, Kevin Flores (12) keeps his sanity. Flores plays two sports that are during the same season and even overlap with meets and practices. On top of this, Flores has the hom...

Lilyana Rush’s student direction is a hit in theatre dept.

Isabella Sanchez, Reporter

February 7, 2020

THEATRE HAS come such a long way in the past few years. It has been used for entertainment, but also now it is a class of which children at many schools can attend.  For Lilyana Rush (11), theatre is so much more than a class....

Anna Juarez wants to become more independent before starting college.

Lancers make resolutions

January 7, 2020

an open forum for student expression