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Experienced Lancers offer advice to new students

Mireya Ruiz, Journalist

September 21, 2017

SENIORS graduate, new freshman come in, each grade level advances forward, and it’s a wonderful start to the new school year. Since it’s a new school year, no one wants to start it off rough. The majority of the teenagers...

Upcoming teachers

Lupita Hernandez, Journalist

September 11, 2017

NEW TEACHERS usually get paid about $33,000 per year when it's their first year of teaching. After years and years of low teacher salaries, Granite District’s new teacher salary will increase dramatically to $41,000. Although...

Cuban and American Education

Cuban and American Education

September 11, 2017

Seniors reflect on regrets

May 1, 2017

AS SENIOR year comes to an end, seniors get ready for graduation and get ready to move on from being high school students to being adults in the real world. But leaving all that aside, most seniors might have some regrets from...

Saturday school makes sense

Ramon Martinez, Journalist

April 11, 2017

THE WEEKEND is probably the happiest time of the week where students stay up later than usual, sleep in the next day, and panic about homework the night before school begins again. Saturday school will prevent some of these pleasures...

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