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Girls Soccer

GIRLS soccer is just around the corner and many are excited. Girls soccer is a thriving and dynamic sport that has gained a significant amount of popularity over the past few years. With teams competing at both varsity and junior varsity levels, this sport provides an environment for young female athletes to showcase their skills and passion for the game.

Coach Tyler Stockstill is the head coach for both the girls and boys soccer teams. “We are looking for players who will contribute to the team environment and performance. We understand that players have different strengths and abilities, so we expect players to be well-rounded in their skills and understanding of the game. We are also looking for players who are open to improvement. We want players to have a positive attitude and influence on their peers,” Coach Stockstill said.

This season tryouts will be on July 29 and 30. Players are required to complete their Aktivate account online and receive a sport physical to submit a form from that examination. Players who do not complete these steps are unable to participate in tryouts. Tryouts tend to be an hour and a half each day, and players are expected to go out for both days.

Girls who want to try out should come into tryouts prepared to compete. Players can attend spring and summer practices to build up their skills and physical conditioning. Any players interested in attending should reach out to Coach Stockstill at or follow the team on IG (@grangergirlssoccer)

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Coach Stockstill has some advice for what he thinks girls should do to prepare for tryouts. “Girls should train on their own if players are not currently playing. It is highly recommended that players prepare physically for the challenge of playing in the hot summer months by exercising their strength, conditioning, and aerobic capacity,” he said.

He also explained why they’re excited for this season. “We are excited to work with a group of dedicated and hard-working players. As coaches, we love to see our players grow and feel empowered. We know some players are working hard to prepare for the season, both returning and new players. We are excited to have a big group of enthusiastic younger players coming in as well, from both junior high schools and 9th grade,” he said.

Avry Gummow (10) and Kato Makoni (11) are both on the varsity team and are ready for the season with similar goals. Makoni and Gummow have been preparing for the upcoming season in their own ways.

Makoni said, “Being more in the gym and on the field made me better — not as a player but also as a person.”

Gummow said,” I’m on the club team at Granger, and they started one for the girls this year. I´m also talking to older players and practicing on my own every day.”

While Gummow is more technical with the ball, Makoni is more physically active. Makoni also does other sports, not just soccer, and must stay physically active. Both are very excited about this upcoming season. Mostly just to play, the intensity of the game, to learn more, and to have fun with the girls on the team.

The environment and friendships made from sports have a big impact on the whole experience. The Granger Girl Soccer team is an amazing team — come in and join! The team 100% recommends going to tryouts and having fun with the other girls with the same passion.


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