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Counselors do more than change schedules

Helping her students stay on track for graduation.

Have you ever got saved from failing your grades or even failing graduation because of a counselor’s work?

Every student in this school needs a counselor, even for less important things. Without the counselors, everybody would be failing their classes, and the school would be a disaster. But thank goodness we are not in this situation!

Thanks to the counselor’s actions, many people got saved from failing classes, graduations, and from being rejected from a college or university school.

In my case, I can say that I will graduate because of the work of my counselor. Without her work, nobody would have delivered my transcripts from Colombia to here.

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But we need to know what they exactly do as a counselor.

“We are in charge of scheduling students so that they can achieve graduation or that they can be approved in college. So, we meet with the students every year to check that they are on track for graduation and that everything is going well. To make sure that the student is on track, we work with parents, teachers and of course the students,” Ms. Oliver, a counselor, said.

The schedule part is very important. With these adjustments, we could have fewer hours of school and still be on track with more free time for study or work. Of course, this only happens when the students are seniors who have enough credits to do that, otherwise they must go to their eight classes.

The counselor doesn’t work just for money, they are also there to support any student that needs help: from grades to psychological help, they have to like the work.

“The best part is getting to see all my students and getting to know them, especially my Seniors. I check to see if they’re on track, and I always see a growth in every aspect of them,” Ms. Sherman, a counselor, said.

This gives you a feeling of tranquility — from students to counselors — a feeling of success; where you don’t have to worry about credit recovery or doing something stressful to reach a goal.

“I think that the job never ends, because I do a lot of papers, track student’s grades, and take care of student’s crises. There are times that I must stay because there are cases that need attention immediately, but I don’t mind it. I do everything that I can to see my students succeed in their goals,” Candia, a counselor, said.

But of course, it’s not easy work as a counselor. You must pay attention to all your students, their grades, their credits, and their mental health.

There are a lot of stories of students being saved by the counselors’ actions, even when there were no possibilities, like me or every other student.

This make us realize that the counselors are our best friend and best support that we could get in the school, because they will do everything for us.

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