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Hot Ones see if celebrities can take the spice


The Hot Ones is a super-popular YouTube show where celebrities are interviewed while eating progressively spicier chicken wings. It was created by Chris Schonberger and hosted by Sean Evans. It’s known for its hilarious and sometimes intense interviews.

Shaquille O’Neil’s interview gained over 9.8 million views in only twelve days! Lore ate all ten wings without breaking a sweat! Paul Rudd’s interview launched the “Hey look at us” trend. And world-famous chef Gordon Ramsay popped open a mid-challenge bottle of Pepto Bismol.

The show is currently on Season 22, has been running for eight years, and has had the same host the entire time.

Hot Ones gained a massive following of five million subscribers on Youtube. Its unique concept and variety of guests have made it entertaining to watch as the guests try to answer questions while eating progressively hotter chicken wings — it’s very funny!

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The format of the show is simple but effective. Each episode consists of ten wings, and with each wing, the sauce gets hotter. The questions range from personal anecdotes to career highlights, making it a great mix of spicy food and interesting conversation.

The success of the show has even led to a line of hot sauces inspired by the show. Fans can experience the same range of fiery flavors at home and challenge themselves to go through all ten.

One of the things that makes Hot Ones special is their diverse range of guest stars. From A-list celebrities, athletes, musicians, actors, and even internet personalities: the show has had an impressive lineup. The hot ones has had many different celebrity guest stars on the show.

The reactions from the guests are priceless. As they each take a bite of each wing, the heat starts to kick in, and you can see them squirm, sweat, and sometimes even cry. It’s both hilarious and entertaining to see these famous faces go through the spicy ordeal while trying to keep their composure and answer the questions.

The interviews themselves are amazing and give a more open approach to an interview. It’s fascinating to see how the heat of each wing can sometimes loosen up the guest and lead to more unexpected responses.

Overall, Hot Ones has captured the hearts and taste buds of millions. With its unique concept, hilarious reactions, and engaging interviews, it’s no wonder it has become such a sensation. This show is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys spicy food, celebrity interviews, a good laugh, or if you’re just in the mood to binge your favorite celebrities!

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