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Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour movie brings joy to Lancers


The Eras Tour has been one of the most successful tours ever!

The American Music Association crowned Taylor Swift ‘Artist of the Decade.’ Swift has ten studio albums, and she has been re-recording her first six albums as ‘Taylor’s Version’ editions. If you know, you know.

The Eras Tour began on March 17 and ended on November 13, and each stadium has been sold out which has left many Swifties unable to attend due to high demand and price. But Swift had a solution!

The LA tour dates were recorded and made into a movie. But this wouldn’t be like a regular movie — theaters and Swift encouraged movie-goers to stand, sing, and dance! Each screening acted as a mini concert.

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While this was appealing to older fans in general, it also attracted many Lancers.

“This was the first time I was allowed to stand up during a movie and sing,” Adrianna Pace (11) said.

For those who did sing and dance, they felt out of place — usually they would be kicked out if they stood up and sang so loudly.

Though many were participating in the fun, some people still chose to sit down.

“Some people in our theater were sitting down, but they were still singing in their seats,” Abbie Webster (11) said.

Both Pace and Webster attended Swift’s Eras tour in Las Vegas. They agreed that the movie didn’t create the same feelings they had in comparison to the actual concert.

“It didn’t feel like an actual concert; it had a different vibe. It was like one big karaoke party,” Pace said.

One unique aspect the movie offered was the camera work.

“It was really cool to be able to get close-up looks at all her outfits, and you could also see the dancers better,” Pace said.

Pace enjoyed her concert experience but was glad for a new perspective.

“When I went to the actual concert, I was in the nose bleeds, which was still super fun, but it was cool to actually see all the details that went into the show,” she said.

One tradition Swift’s fans enjoyed at both the concert and the movie was trading friendship bracelets.

“Me and my friends made friendship bracelets. We handed them out to people in the theater,” Webster said.

One technical difference between the concert and movie was timing. The actual concert was known to span 3+ hours, whereas the movie was two hours and forty-five minutes long after the cutting of transitions and songs.

The actual concert had 3-5 minutes transitions between albums or eras. The movie version shortened transitions and cut six songs.

Regardless, fans had so much fun.

“Our movie started at 10:30 p.m. and we got home around 2 a.m.,” Webster said.

Ashley Foy (11) was unable to attend the concert, but she loved the movie. “It felt like I was actually there,” Foy said. She thinks that others also felt the same since everyone in her theater was dancing. It was a good experience she would recommend it to anyone who was unable to attend the concert.

The movie should reach $250 million in ticket sales after its first two months, easily becoming one of the top movies of the year.

Lancers who are looking for a good time and a place to sing their hearts out should lock in some seats for the Eras Tour movie.

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