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Lancers bring fashion knowledge to their fits


Fashion has been something that has surfaced around Granger High and many other schools.

Most individuals have their own unique style or have been influenced and inspired by something that has gone viral.

For example, there are very popular fashion trends as of now such as people dressing with a vintage look, baggy wear, and some shoe trends such as Rick Owen Ramones. There are even some very old fashion trends returning such as Timberlands and jorts.

Enzo Munyaneza (11) says that one fashion trend that has stuck around for recent years, and still lives on today is skinny jeans. This trend is pretty popular with many Lancers.

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Clothing trends and how things are worn can be started by all sorts of people. Many people may be heavily influenced by fashion trends or may just do their own thing and be the creators of how something is worn. Munyaneza says that

he creates his own style and goes with whatever, but he takes very small portions of inspiration from people like ‘Certified Gio.’ He mostly creates his own personal style.

Color coordinating is a big part of fashion. In fact, a lot of people may agree or disagree with color coordinating. Most people agree that matching colors and making it look nice are a big part of fashion. There are also people who say that it doesn’t really matter. “If it looks good, it looks good, and it’s all based upon the experience you have when dressing,” Landon Carter (10) said.

Fashion can be many different things, and many people can interpret what fashion is to them differently. “It’s something that they aren’t very aware of and that they would like to get into,” Carter said.

Fashion and all sorts of accessories and whatnot can be worn in so many different ways, which is what makes fashion so unique and special. It’s something that brings us together.

But others interpret fashion as an “art that you yourself get to express who you are on your body,” Kai Yun (11) said.

Fashion has developed tremendously in the past few years. We’ve had Y2K looks, vintage looks, opium looks, baggy wear, and many other sorts of trends in the past decade. “I’m sort of a fan of how it has developed, but things have gotten extremely ridiculous such as the grass green Balenciagas,” Yan said.

Washing clothes and keeping on top of hygiene are very important factors in being fashionable and learning how to dress. Washing clothing is a very important thing that needs doing. “You should wash your clothes every single day/wear what you have with the clothes,” Carter said.

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