an open forum for student expression

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an open forum for student expression

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an open forum for student expression

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Yearbooks Staff locks in


Granger’s Yearbook Staff is working extra hard to prepare the 2024 yearbook. The staff is working together to get this year’s book delivered fast. This year’s staff is excited to get to work and get those pages done.

With all the work that goes into creating the yearbook, there are editors to make sure everything is in place and ready for publication.

“I’m really excited to put something together that’s more unique. We haven’t really done this kind of theme before, so I’m excited to bring in some cool design ideas elements we haven’t tried at Granger,” Abigail Shepherd (12) said.

Shepherd is the Editor in Chief for the yearbook staff and has big plans. “I’m excited to bring in and highlight clubs and sports that are either new to Granger or haven’t had as much representation,” Shepherd said.

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The theme for this year’s yearbook is really setting the scene for the 2023-24 school year, and it’s giving students a look down the road of high school as well as in front of them right now as they flip through the pages.

“The difference between this year and the last is that this year will have more of a thematic element to it, additionally I think with us having the class periods 3A and 4B we’re formatting the class a little differently,” Shepherd said.

The pages in the yearbook pull kids in and engage them into the book’s story. “Currently, because we’re just getting started, my favorite thing has been designing the division pages that separate the different sections of the yearbook. We’re kind of blending what’s been done in the past with our own look today. I am also excited about setting up the quarter pages because those are going to be a little different than normal,” Shepherd said.

One of the best parts of being in the yearbook class is selling and promoting the yearbook.

“Seeing the people’s faces when they get it for the first time and seeing them smile is one of the best parts,” Ariadna Montero (12) said.

One hardest thing about the class is making the yearbook different and fresh each year. People want different things when it comes to the yearbook every year.

“I think we hear people’s opinions now. Last year wasn’t really open and this year we are going to listen to the staff. We’re also going to try and take even better photos this year,” Montero said.

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