Paulina Rojas The Homecoming Queen


Mr. Carlisle

Paulina Rojas and Garret Cousins during the 2022 Homecoming football game

Elle MacPherson, Reporter

PAULINA ROJAS (12), was super excited to be this year’s homecoming queen. Rojas is on Granger’s soccer team, and she felt that being on the team helped her gain more representation. Her Soccer teammates turned out to be a huge help in gaining her the title of homecoming queen. She was a little shocked and surprised because she didn’t really think she would ever win anything like that. Though at the same time, she felt really good about it. She knew that being the queen was sort of a big deal, so it felt a little nerve racking to her. Despite these feelings, and though the dance wasn’t super remarkable for her, she had a really good time with her date and a couple of her friends. Overall, she totally owned it at the dance, and had a great time!