Teen athletes balance school and sports


Jordyn didn’t know that she’d love sports until her first season of softball.

Leyla Ilyazova, Reporter

AS SCHOOL bells ring to begin another day and whistles blare to open up another sports season, student athletes manage to achieve and maintain good grades while performing the best they can in their sport.

Jennifer Hernandez (11) who has been a part of the drill team for two years, active in the National Honors Society and a part of AVID where she consistently puts in time after school to volunteer at the West Valley City Animal Shelter. On top of all that, she manages to have a job. “It’s hard having a job during competition season. The days I don’t work are dedicated to practice, so it’s really hard to find time for homework. I usually end up working on school assignments past my bedtime, and I don’t get enough sleep,” she said.

There are endless amounts of dedication put into school by students, especially those who decide to add a sport, club, and job into their schedules. Some students work for savings, while others decide they want to work to support themselves. Colleges tend to be impressed by students who can manage having a job, being a part of sports and clubs, and balancing school successfully, although it can conflict in many ways.

Adelaide Roberts (11) is a on student government, FBLA, DECA, tennis, and track. “I just recently started my job, so it’s been a big adjustment, and I’ve gotten very behind in school,” she says. Balancing everything can be a struggle. Jumping from practice to practice, retaining optimal performance in classes to be able to stay on the teams, and attending clubs while also showing up to work is not an easy task. “I plan out my week, and if things overlap, I have to think about what I want to prioritize. Slowly, I bounce back,” she said.

Time management skills are imperative for student athletes. The highest achievers have mastered this, even when under strong pressure. Rather than working here, there and everywhere, planning out what to do and when to do it will help get much more done in a better and timely manner. Managing school, activities, time, and commitments properly will take away a lot of stress.

Jordyn Wright (11) is on the softball team and an member of LAT. “I never thought I’d be this interested in a sport until my sophomore year when I got a full season. I see softball in my future.” Wright has an after school job and manages to balance it out with school. “I do homework on my downtime. As long as I manage my time and stay focused, I know I’ll be OK,” she said. “A suggestion I’d make for people in the same position is to manage your time and find motivation to keep doing what you love.”