Social Media complicates relationships


Karmela Johnson

“We don’t think it’s good to overshare everything about a relationship.”

Karmela Johnson, Reporter

COUPLES have different ways of representing their relationship on social media. Whether it’s sharing their relationship with a feed post or keeping them on their stories. There are complications to posting relationships on social media like how long the couples have been together.

Amy Van (11) and Cordell Lesa (11) have been together for eight months. They met at school and chatted online. Van’s parents have no idea she has a boyfriend. When Lesa’s mom drives Van home every day, Van tells her parents a friend drove her home. Lesa’s mom knows that he is in a relationship.

Instagram is the biggest social media platform where couples post pictures and videos, which can be problematic or beneficial to a relationship. “Well for us, posting each other on social media is not a problem because we don’t post everything about our relationship on Instagram. We never get any negative comments, and if we do post a lot about our relationship, it’s all nice comments like, ‘you guys are so cute,’ ” Van said.

Instagram might not be a good place to post about relationships. “I think Instagram could be a bad place to post, but for us specifically, it’s not like really. We look at it as a place to post our memories and share them with others,” Lesa said.

On the other hand, Jessica Hernandez (12) and Mario Arrioja (12) live together. Their parents have given their full support. They met each other two years ago in a biology class and started becoming friends. Shortly after, they started dating.

Some couples don’t like posting on social media due to how toxic society has become. “I usually get hate comments. I delete them, but it doesn’t bother me. I just ignore it. Sometimes, it brings us closer because when I see the comments, it feels like nothing compared to him,” Hernandez said.

Tina Nyugen (10) and Jessus Madrid (10) have been dating for 4 months. Nyugen and Madrid have a shared Instagram account. They like to post fun activities or pictures and videos of each other. Nyugen is the one who makes most of their posts for the shared account.