Blue Blue Boba is a 10/10

Adrian Aguirre, Reporter

THERE’S nothing like stopping for a refresher after a long day of shopping. From the delicious drinks to the creative art studio in the back, Blue Blue is the place for you! Blue Blue opened on October 2, and is located outside of the Valley Fair Mall. Blue Blue is a boba shop where they make drinks out of fresh fruit and milk.

Not only does Blue Blue have delicious teas and smoothies, they also have an art studio in the back. There you can create your own custom phone cases, photo frames, key chains, water bottles, hair clips, AirPod cases, and much more.

Blue Blue is definitely a cool place to chill out with friends, family, or even by yourself. The workers there are very nice, and they always look very passionate and committed to their work. The employees create a very positive atmosphere.

The place also has very nice aesthetics. I really like going there because it is a very simple place to just chill when I’m craving something to drink. Their menu is very simple, yet so varied. My go-to drink is usually the Brown Sugar Boba Milk or the CoCo Treasure.

I really enjoy going there because it’s a calm place to be in whenever I feel like unwinding for a bit. I’ve mainly had the milk- based drinks because I usually prefer them, but my friends have ordered the water-based ones, and they’ve said they’re pretty good.

Blue Blue’s art studio sets it apart from other boba shops. In the art studio, you can pick an item you want to make, and they give you some glue. Then, you pick the charms you want, and stick them on it. It may be a little confusing at first, but the workers walk you through it. The creations you make would always make a perfect gift for any occasion.

Even when you don’t feel like leaving the house, Blue Blue can come to you. Blue Blue offers delivery, or if you don’t feel like waiting in line, you can always do curbside pick up.

So far all I’ve heard are good reviews about the place. It is always good to support local businesses, so why not stop at Blue Blue? Blue Blue offers delicious drinks and a fun crafting experience. For more updates on them, you can follow them @blueblueslc on Instagram. Blue Blue is Definitely a 10/10, and I would totally recommend it.