Dance is more than TikTok


Cela Nodjigoto

For students who love to dance, the Dance Company is worth a try.

Cela Nodjigoto, Reporter

DANCE is something people do for fun and to express themselves. It comes from different places around the world, and sometimes it’s a form of celebration. It shows culture and who a person can be.

According to Ms. Fisher, and her likelihood of dance, she loves the way it’s energizing and how people can enjoy it with friends and family.

Ms. Debbie, on the other hand, has a passion for dance. For her, dance is like a drug of choice; helps build muscles and body communications and a different type of way of expressing oneself and connecting to the music. How she fell in love with it was when she was little, and her teenage neighbor would play some music, and she would go over and dance her heart out.

Dr. Dunn, Granger High’s principal, is also fascinated with dance. He’s not much of a dancer, but he loves to watch them and thinks it’s really fun. He’s favorite dances are mostly African and Mexican dances. He says that dance is cultural, and it connects people with their identities.

Brianna Winkleman is a dance teacher who has a passion for dance. She loves the way it drives her, the thrill, and the excitement.

She loved it so much that she started teaching it. She has lots to say about dance. “It can have a lot of roles, it can be a place for exercise, and a place for fun,” Brianna said. Dance is also a huge place to connect with people. It is also a place for healing and connection.

Kolotina Pupua’s (10) dance is cultural and comes from Tonga island. The dance she mostly knows well is the Tau’olunga dance. It’s passed from generation to generation. She learned it when she was young and that’s one way she got into dance.

Zekrayat Batal (12) is fascinated with dance. She likes how it’s something that doesn’t have rules, and she can use movements to express herself. Dance can be an activity that someone can do alone or with a group. Anyone can learn to dance at any age they want. It doesn’t have to be a certain type of age group, and it’s for her to express herself. “It can bring out strength, beauty, and passion,” Batal said.

Granger High offers classes if students would like to start their journey in dance, or if they want to show it off, then they can join the Dance Company or drill team. Dancing can be enjoyed by everyone for the multitude of reasons that attract people to it.