Granger welcomes new students


Belma Kadic, Reporter

GRANGER High School was originally built for 2,700 students, but it’s now home to 3,403 students, making it the largest school in the state of Utah based on the 2021-2022 student enrollment. There are a lot of students at Granger, and even more transfer during the school year.

Many students come to Granger to begin their high school experience. Some students that come to Granger are excited to join one of the Granger sports teams. There are multiple sports Granger offers such as football, soccer, and basketball. Some athletes may wonder how Granger’s sports teams compare to others in the state. For example, Granger’s basketball team is ranked 62 in the state of Utah and 17 in the Utah division 6A. Granger’s football team is ranked 65 in the state of Utah, 23 in the Utah division 6A, and 61 in Salt Lake City. Granger’s soccer team is ranked 65 in the state of Utah, 21 in the Utah division 6A, and 1,138 nationally.

For students who want to be involved in school activities, but don’t want to join a sport, there are multiple alternatives. Students can join debate, AVID, or astronomy, and many more. Having activities for students makes school much more enjoyable.

Many students here are fresh- men starting their first year of high school. Pechsomantha Tes (9) is one of many freshmen here at Granger High School. Tes came to Granger from Hunter Junior High with the intention of join- ing Granger’s Dance Company. Coming from a junior high to a high school is a very big adjustment. “It was kinda hard to find my classes, and I’m still getting used to it,” Tes said. Tes also says she enjoyed that there were fewer periods than her previous school due to block scheduling.

Although many students come to Granger for their first year of high school, some students al- ready experienced another high school and decided to transfer to Granger later. Mauka Bernard (11) is one of those students. “I went to Taylorsville, and I moved because of the football team,” Bernard said. He also shared that the sports teams are better than his previous school, and the students are a lot nicer.

Another student who joined Granger for a sports team is Alefosio Vaha (10). “Before I came here, I went to Taylorsville. Their football team is bad, so I came over here because this is Granger’s second year winning,” Vaha said. He also shared that Granger feels more alive, and the spirit is better than his previous school.

Granger has many differ- ent activities and sports that are available for new students and being a part of these activities can make them feel comfortable here. Granger also hosts multiple events, so students feel welcomed and enjoy coming to school activ- ities such as dances, games, and assemblies.