Album Review (Jessie Ware)


What’s Your Pleasure?

JESSIE WARE’S fourth studio album, “What’s your pleasure?” is 53 minutes of the most electric, funky, and dance-inducing pop I have ever heard. What’s even better is, though this album is energetic, Ware beautifully blends dreamy and intimate moods throughout the entire album with her lyrics and vocal production which makes it a great listen for romantics or people just looking to groove. My favorite tracks on this album would have to be, “What’s Your Pleasure?”, “Soul Control”, and “The Kill”.
The production on, “What’s Your Pleasure?” is euphoric and lustful. I listen to this song and it pulls me away from anything I had been paying attention to previously. It’s like I’ve been placed at a dance party and the cute girl I’ve had my eyes on has just motioned me towards her to dance. This song definitely encompasses the “Escapism” Ware said she wanted to make the album feel like.
The melody on “Soul Control” is infectious. The synth keys do wonders for this song. Instead of taking me somewhere else, this song brings a party with it. It makes me want to stop what I’m doing and dance.
Although it grows in intensity as it progresses, “The Kill” is very different from most songs on the album in that it’s slower and darker. Almost like it’s conveying the side of love or lust no one really likes. The times when the love starts to fade, or when you realize you’ll continually hurt yourself trying to keep loving your partner. Although, perhaps it isn’t that deep. I just love this song because it’s nice for lonesome late-night drives.
I would highly recommend this album to anyone who is even the slightest fan of music. Even though it’s a dance pop album, I’ve played this album when doing just about anything, and it never fails to put me in a better mood or maybe relieve some of my stress. In what I consider to be the oversaturated genre of pop, “What’s your pleasure?” is a breath of fresh air.